January 9, 2002
As of January 1, 2002 the Anderson County Register of Deeds Office stopped making marginal notations on the face of recorded documents.This will affect all documents recorded, but most importantly this means that there will no longer be amendments to restrictions shown on the face of the original recorded restrictions. We are told that documents will be indexed by the names of the individuals and / or corporations that actually sign the document. The problem that this creates is that unless the owner of the examined property is a part of the majority of the home owners that signed the amendment to the restrictions, the amendment will not be indexed under their name. At this time there is no guarantee, from the ROD, that any amendments will be indexed in the name of the actual subdivision.

We feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with a complete and accurate report of public records. However, this new policy creates a question as to whether or not all amendments and restrictions will be found even when thoroughly researching public records.

It is for this reason that we can no longer guarantee that all amendments to a particular set of restrictions will be found while researching a title, unless a new policy is adopted by the ROD.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact us.

Thank You,

Brad & Wendy Whitfield